August days ~ sunshine & shades

August 3, 2018

August is here and that means its just over a month now and I’ll be officially releasing my new recording “This Could Be the One”.  My band and I will be performing two concerts in September (Sept 10 & Sept 14) and tickets for both concerts are on sale now.

This drawing below is by my husband Gorm, the artist who created the character “BO” for the graphics of the new CD and VINYL packaging. This BO drawing relates to the song “Sweet Summer”  my song which appears on the new recording. Hopefully the sunshine and shades continue in this month of August!


I’m also in the midst of an indiegogo campaign which includes pre-sales of the new CD or VINYL plus there are various other perks available related to the project.
Just in case you are interested in checking out the indiegogo campaign I’m including a link here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/karin-plato-releases-new-independent-jazz-record/x/19056504#/   here you can view a video all about the recording as well as take a look at the “Plato Perks” available in this campaign.
Now, I’m getting ready to teach a few weeks at music camps: PSGW followed by BC Swing Camp.
Have a wonderful August everyone!

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