This Could Be The One

August 20, 2018


Can a poster say everything I need/want to say about my upcoming album release concerts? Well…perhaps but maybe not quite everything.

Here are the facts as I know them:  WHAT + WHO + WHEN + WHERE  + HOW 

Indeed, these things have been covered by the information included on the poster.

And now this…jazz is not really a “popular” form of music. It’s true! The music that I sing/play/compose  is regarded as very mainstream, straight ahead kind of jazz and has some people interested while others hearing/seeing the word JAZZ may turn away to something else. My hope is that some people who are about to turn away when they see these concerts advertised somewhere (on social media, on the radio, on a poster etc) will consider coming. WHY?

Ahh….that is a question I will now try to answer! I believe that my band mates and I will be sharing a wide range of music at these concerts. Yes, there will be the sensibility and musicality of my fellow musicians who are without a doubt jazz musicians and yes, that’s what we’ll be performing.  I too consider myself a jazz vocalist above all else with an “in the moment” approach to singing the songs. We’re more than too!

The experience of hearing us live will be so much more. There will be accessible music. We will include the familiar. We will include some surprises. We will include improvisation. There may be pop. There may be a folk tune. Dynamics, energy, interplay, groove…

AND… lots of this music (which appears on the recording) is brand new. So there will be the element of fresh for your ears.

I think we could win over some new fans. There have been times at some of my concerts that people have come up to tell me that they thought they disliked jazz however they liked the type of jazz that we were playing.

Okay then! This Could Be The One….title of my new recording AND possible describing potential new fan to jazz as well.

Thanks everyone.



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