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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

December 30, 2020

Happy New Year everyone!

2020 has been a doozy and for me personally, I must confess that although it was not an ideal year, there were still many positive experiences that I am truly thankful for. I was able to maintain many of my vocal and piano students via the ZOOM platform online and that meant some swift learning (for me) as I became adjusted to the technology involved.

The only live performances I did were within our own garden setting and those were carefully curated so that concert attendees could also remain safe. The artists performed on the deck while the audience was seated below in carefully positioned chairs to maintain safe distances. We had other safety protocols in place as well.

I did two shows with pianist Chris Gestrin in late summer. Then, I did another two early autumn concerts with ukulele player/guitarist Guido Heistek. We had to cancel the last two concert that had been scheduled with guitarist/vocalist Adam Thomas when the rules and safety regulations suddenly changed in early November. That was disappointing for everyone involved but we are hopeful that in 2021 we may revisit the Jazz in the Garden series of concerts and present the “Bundle Up Beatles, Blues & Bossas in the Garden” with Adam.

*The photo in our garden features some Beatles decorations made for me by my husband Gorm. I placed some toques/hats on the Beatles in preparation for a chilly outside concert. Perhaps in the spring we’ll do the same?

In early December I performed one special livestream concert with my friend and musical colleague Guido Heistek. We have a duo together and, to maintain safety in the many weeks leading up to our concert we rehearsed outside on the deck no matter how cold it was. Guido is a trouper! In the last two weeks before the concert we rehearsed inside with windows open and with a large plexiglass divider separating us so that we could get used to the sound and the scenario of performing towards a camera rather than to a physical audience.

We did not know what to expect regarding an audience for our livestream concert and we were thrilled to have well over a hundred people sitting safely in their own homes who had purchased tickets to watch our show. We really wanted the sound and visual to be of a high quality, so we booked engineer Sheldon Zaharko to be our tech expert for the show. Sheldon wore a mask for the duration while Guido and I were separated by a large plexiglass panel and, we had the windows open for ventilation as well.

*This photo was taken by Sheldon from his vantage point behind all his equipment during our livestream.

The music camps I usually teach at in the summers were cancelled and therefore I created two online “Song Camps” which were successful and fun, one in July and one in October. Once again, the ZOOM platform became essential. Teaching these online camps was very different than being together in person however, it was still possible to connect and to share and to delight in the power of music.

Thank goodness for technology to get us through this pandemic! My motto for 2020 has been adapt, modify and be flexible.

Wishing everyone a safe entry into the New Year. Let’s all get through this with patience and care.